A “great value” Pizza SOLUTION
PizzaSi EASY is the entry level concept by PizzaSi, the Gourmet Pizza Business Solution, leading provider to the Food Service in UK, Ireland and more.

Your success is our GOAL:
Enabling you to serve you customers with a gourmet pizza easily and quickly, with practically no investment, no contract commitment and no skills required

A UNIQUE pizza base
Very LIGHT, THIN & CRISPY,  handmade in Italy, by real master pizzaiolos, with Durum Wheat Semolina flour, fresh NEVER FROZEN with up to 60 days shelf life

KEY Points
PizzaSi EASY is a practical and economical pizza solution, ideal for café and deli, B&B, pub, restaurant and more:

-Medium volume Outlet

-Limited cooking space

-Ready in 4 minutes

-Great Profitability

-Real Quality Food offer

-Compact & user friendly pizza oven

-Minimum effort in terms of time and costs

-Ideal for cafes and takeaways